Question by danny: is this site safe?
is a safe site. Is it legal and will my computer get infected with viruses/spyware if I use it. Has anyone ever used it before?

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Answer by dbsantos77
first of all nothing in life is free.anything that says you can recieve something for “free” is complete BS.and since its trying to “give” out free prizes such as video games “which are copyrighted against piracy” then no its not legal.

if you attempt to download anything off of thatsite theres a possibility that it will be a virus,adware,spyware etc..basically DONT GO TO THIS SITE!

EDIT:you can install mcafee website advisor to be more protected.basically if you go into a bad website it will warn you about it.
this is the most simplest way to stay protected.

EDIT:as the other answer said,this sie is most likely connected with an advertising agency…BLECH,and if you give ANY type of information you will get SOOO much spam in your mailbox.also if you dont have a good anti-spyware,anti-ad ware or anti-virus software installed in your computer,youve just boosted up the chance of getting a virus by 275%,since your not being protected.

EDIT:i pulled out some more info for you

Legitimate web sites have a few things:
1. The website should be https://. This means that this is a secure website. But some hackers can use spoofers to make un-safe https:// website.
2. There should be a lock sign.
3. There should be a security certificate installed (you can see it in IE). These certificates can be copied easily by hackers too, so watch out.
4. You really trust the vendor of the web page.

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