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  1. MAHENDRA KUMAR Sridhar says:

    Yes networking is the way to go, levraging is better than not leveraging,
    of course it’s an individual’s choice how they want to live, that’s why we
    say it’s Free Enterprises.. There are many ways of making money, everyone
    is correct in their own understanding and perspective. Network Marketing
    has always been there in some form or other, it is changing into a much
    bigger industry now… Welcome to Network Marketing..?

  2. John Milton Fogg says:

    @lauriebooth NO idea what you mean. Say more, please…

  3. Carlo Juan says:

    Loverage. I love it! 😀

  4. Nostradamis says:

    There’s nothing wrong with someone being content with their life. Who are
    you to tell someone to ‘stretch for their maximum potential?’ That’s
    something you read in a book, right?

  5. coachj442 says:

    Fantastic video John. Well said – you can feel how much you believe what
    you are saying. Love it…

  6. withusglobal says:

    …great explanation

  7. annalaura brown says:

    You are right on the money literally. I get so sick and tired of the
    negative about network marketing. Just because they did not succeed does
    not mean that plenty of other people are not successful or that it is a

  8. Mike Ryan says:

    Let’s spread the word….Network Marketing is REAL!!!

  9. jayangli says:

    what net work marketing product is out there that people recognise and
    respect. name 2 products plz

  10. Nostradamis says:

    Excellent explanation John!

  11. Climb2win says:

    This is why I love network marketing! Great video! Have you been told about
    The Instant Downline yet? After months of programming and preparation we
    have launched the worlds only forced matrix recruiting system for the North
    American Power business opportunity. The opportunity is free to join and
    the marketing system is free to use I would really love your input on what
    we have created. Please check out our channel for a link to the site.

  12. Terry Petrovick says:

    Hey John, You are the MAN! You are 1000% correct the time is now. For you .
    For Me. For anyone who is looking for a better quality of life. Yhanks for
    all you do John! You have a choice so, make it a better than terrific day!

  13. Nostradamis says:

    Dude.. It’s none of your business what anyone else does with their life.
    It’s none of your business if someone chooses to do nothing at all with
    their life. It’s none of your business if someone decides to squander their
    skills or talents. It’s none of your business if someone looks back on
    their life with regrets. You have full responsibility for YOUR life, that’s
    it and that’s all.

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