James Buckle is Independent Business Associate at Legal Shield Services, Inc. You can contact him using Number (949) 246.7996 for all…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Who else would like to add 20 to 30 new people in their business every week? Are you tired of cold calling, hassling your…

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  1. Kyle Burles says:

    I just ran across you on youtube and glad i did,great videos!

  2. Dragondp1 says:

    Belle vid

  3. getpaidforbeinglazy says:

    some? of the videos were afraid not funny -.-

  4. Filip Micevski says:

    This video made me swallow my own head

  5. Mike Jones says:

    King of Clown!?

  6. Tuy?t Ngân Bùi says:

    Brilliant! More please 😛

  7. MLGSnipingxD says:

    ill be waiting for another amazing sitcom!

  8. kieu ha thi thuy says:

    16 – Ugh. Its SO adorable <3 ?

  9. Queendy Chan says:

    i want to see more i cant wait for the next video

  10. OmuSpiderman says:

    i subscribed just because of this beast video

  11. ngolaching10 says:

    Kudos to you!, amazing video!

  12. L'aventure commence says:

    Hey can you do more video please … Your videos re very great !!!

  13. qweadasdqwe says:

    Good job buddy.

  14. Dzoce Nikolov says:

    Nice job with this video! Liked and Subscribed!

  15. ktenma1010 says:

    What did you use to make this video

  16. maianhduongvn says:

    Super Video!

  17. thongnguyen139 says:

    no its over! I want? more!

  18. Wirawan Liem says:

    omg? that was fuckin nasty as hell

  19. lenabjorna says:

    Excellent! Thanks! :-) Lena

  20. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hi I was just on your channel and then I came to this video How to Add 20
    to 30 New People to Your Business Every Week – Xango Juice which is an
    awesome video I like it, Please dont stop creating good quality content.
    Keep it coming Mark McCulloch

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