“Gee I’m Glad I did” “Darn I wish, I had” Jeff Olson, multi-millionaire in the Community Advertising Sector. Introduced 4 Network Marketing and advertising Companies to millions www.jonathanpark.buildlastingsuccess.com www.jonathanpark.buildblastoffsuccess.com
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June one, 2012 Legal Update for Illinois Funeral Administrators relating to limitations on prepaid funeral/burial programs relevant to Medicaid/Prolonged-Time period Treatment Legal guidelines.

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  1. MeggsRandomVideoTube says:

    I used to be a “Darn I wish I had” now I am a “Gee, I’m glad? I did.”

  2. chazrockwell84 says:

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  3. ATrustedAuthority says:

    I used to be a “darn I wish I had”, I am trying to become? a “gee I’m glad I did”

  4. bigleagues says:


  5. bigleagues says:

    I have to tell you – the gullible and the shysters? are plentiful on the Internet and Youtube in particular. But seeing this again, I’m thinking I might right a speech about “doing”, record it, and start booking seminars.

  6. TobiasTime says:

    Gee I’m glad I did read his book The Slight Edge, once you understand how to apply the slight edge principle in you own life; you? will find success.

  7. ThinkPureTruth says:

    For once in my life, I have found someone that can spot the con-artists. They? use faith, humor and stupidity to rope the dopes out of their money. Jeff is exactly like Rohn and that is NOT a compliment.

  8. derrickjenkins says:

    Eat a dick with spikes on it and choke biiiach. Correction azz hole people with money have a lot of time on their hands unlike you. Heres some motivation cokk blower. Our website prepaidleaveem is shutting you lying azz? jizz drinkers down.

  9. Willmeg619 says:

    I had met him during a pre pad legal event in san diego back in 2008for a few minutes when I was with? one the top executive directors in southern california. He is a much better speaker now and a really great guy. Super cool and easy going and has not let his success go to his head at all.

  10. WilliamsSquaredInc says:

    Gee, I am glad I did. Seriously. Looking back on this and knowing what he has done to so many peoples lives, you cant help but slap yourself if you didnt? listen.

  11. NavXpansion says:

    Take off your website—- it takes? away credibility

  12. rancelot11 says:

    Jeff was my fraternity brother? at UNM. He was Vern Varsity.

  13. zamarripa642001 says:

    His boois awesome I have? read itseveral times.

  14. gahoughton says:

    Great video, this is so simple yet so true in our life and our business. “Have FAITH in? yourself”. I am so glad “Gee I am glad I did” vs “Darn I wish I had”, still seeing the miserable, terriably unhappy people in their corporate jobs, hating life, still complaining about the same old things, unhappy daily. I took the risk and I had the faith and I know it was the best decision of my life to leave the high paying corporate job I had, with high stress and unhappiness.

  15. nuttgroup says:

    Actually, I have known and worked with Jeff since 1992. He is not a great? Public Speaker by the standards of most. But, I have heard this talk, or versions of it, off the cuff, no tele-prompters. As a matter of fact, I saw many talks that lead to this talk being developed.

    The teleprompter is uncomfortable but, they force it on him, and others for these events.

    Jeff is a simple guy. He has built an amazing reputation for the manner in which he relates to people.

  16. bigleagues says:

    He’s such a smooth off-the-cuff speaker . . . oh wait . . . look at that left to right shifting . . . teleprompters!

    He speaks smooth. But his body language is uncomfortable. Constant grabbing of? lectern, putting hands in and removing from pockets. True sign of someone who isn’t completely comfortable with what they are saying, common in salesman.

  17. Scott4pres81 says:

    Gee? I’m glad I watched this.

  18. jonwfk says:

    I know? I know

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