John Addison - Journey of Success

Take Responsibility for Your Own Success! John Addison founder of Primerica gave a moving speech at the Success Symposium sponsored by Success Magazine. John…
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  1. Raygon says:

    It’s 2014… and I still come back to these words of wisdom.?

  2. jason cudbill says:

    excellent info!!..

  3. Debrah Boucher says:

    Take responsiblilty for where you are in your life – listen to this video
    it is Powerful!

  4. Warrior for Christ says:

    @SIG551P wow calm down. No mortal can ever be God like.

  5. rjourdan1234 says:

    I love the way this man speaks from his heart and soul.

  6. cyhoio says:

    @SIG551P Tienes un problema. Crees que no lo tienes. Continua asi. Llegaras
    lejos. :)

  7. Miss Gutierrez says:

    Love this man!

  8. iAMitUnot says:

    Love This!! There is a lot of great information in these 4 mins.

  9. SpcMedia21 says:

    JESUS is the WAY

  10. washtubgt says:

    You are right! “HE” still wants us to work hard and bless others. I met
    John this weekend. He is a true leader.

  11. 87oi5 says:

    way before it gets to the wallet. <—–thats right

  12. Davina Venus says:

    “95% of your whqt ur worried about don’t hapen and when u spend time
    worrying about it ur wasting ur time because worrying about them wont
    change anythingg”

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