Question by Brandee: Las Vegas Weddings/Renewals?
Anyone have opinions/been married/guest at a Vegas wedding or renewal? My hsband and I are thinknig about a vacation, and I’d like to plan a wedding renewal (he sprung a surprise wedding renewal on our recent cruise). I haven’t had much research yet, but in the different sites, I’m drawn to the Red Rock Canyon package. Besides the intimacy of the ceremony (no guests, just me and him) we both are fans of nature type locations, pulling me towards Red Rock. But some of the other options kinda tugging me are things like one at a hotel/casino in which the ceremony is timed so that the water fountains erupt at the pronouncement of husband and wife…..or any other suggestions? We aren’t doing this vacay for about a yr. so I have time to plan and prepay. Any suggestions to sites or experiences are greatly appreciated (I’m afraid to speak to the vegas wedding ‘consultants’ because I don’t want them to draw to their location, or promise what I ask for now, and it change over time)

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Answer by Cuppycake
A year and a half ago, my father-in-law got re-married at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. It was, without a doubt, the single tackiest wedding I’ve ever seen. The different options that particular chapel ( ) included two types of fake bouquets that are rented, not kept, by the bride; the option for the minister to dress like Elvis; and like 5 group photos with a photographer. There were empty liquor bottles littering the premises and prostitutes the next block down. It pretty much ruined Las Vegas weddings for me.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been, so keep in mind, Las Vegas is crowded and expensive. When we went out that night, there were non-English speaking immigrants on every corner passing out flyers and business cards for prostitutes (it’s legal there). There was garbage everywhere. People everywhere. I was groped by a stranger while waiting at an intersection. “Sin City” is a polite title. All it was was people getting wasted, random sex, and garbage everywhere. I’d never go back to Las Vegas and I don’t recommend it to anyone else.

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