announces the launch of a new online buy and sell marketplace. Bidkay is already running, presenting the buyers and sellers with a platform where they can trade new and used products online. is an auction marketplace offering an online facility to registered users who want to buy and sell new and used goods. From furniture, cars, phones, clothing and accessories, jewelry, electronics to children’s toys you will get everything in this online auction market. For those who would like to buy or sell houses, this site provides the best platform.

Participating in the auction is so easy; all you have to do is register with us and get started. The registration process is easy and straight forward, one has only to provide the basic details which will enable the site to allocate an ID which will be used for signing in anytime the user want to transact a business with Bidkay. If you are looking to get the best new or used product or are interested in selling your stuff joining Bidkay is the best option.

For those who are interested in buying stuff from the site, they have an option of searching what they are looking for using the advance search options which or resort to closed auctions. One can also search for the products using the seller’s name. This is a guarantee that you will get what you are looking for. The items on sale are arranged by categories, if you already have a product in mind, all you have to do is click on the item and get a list of the items .If one cannot find what is looking for, searching by sellers name can provide the required results if you already know what a given auctioneer is selling.
Our many items are easy to search with our advanced search options. You can search for closed auctions or by a seller’s name.

For those who would like to sell and enjoy the services provided by, it will be relieving to find that it cost nothing to have the product listed on the site. All the seller is required to do is provide the necessary information such as the specific details describing of the product, the photos and the price being offered. Once a product is bought, this is when the seller will be charged a small fee.

Bidkay wishes its buyers and sellers a nice experience as they engage in trade in one of the fast growing online auction market place.

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