Over the past 30 years, we’ve chosen some of the finest law firms throughout Canada to serve our members. Your law firm has been carefully selected because o…

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  1. Alex Serrano says:

    Legal Protection at an affordable price. Check it out. This works great in
    the US and Canada,?

  2. LegalShield Official says:

    Thank you for your input, Art. We value the opinion of our associates.
    Should you have any other concerns, please contact Associate Services.

  3. LegalShield Official says:

    Hi Art, thank you for your comment. We’d like to clear up what
    misunderstanding may have occurred. Regarding the claim at 2:03, the video
    stats that LegalShield only works with quality law firms that average 13
    years of being a part of the LegalShield team and in total they employ more
    than 1,100 dedicated lawyers averaging 19 years of professional experience.
    We do not claim to employ attorneys. Additionally, this video is meant for
    our Canadian members, which have a different price structure.

  4. LegalShield Official says:

    Hope that helps clarify! We will add a more detailed description to help
    avoid any future misunderstandings. Have a great day!

  5. Art Konstantino says:

    At 2:03, Legal Shield does NOT employ nearly 1,100 Lawyers. They are paid
    as independent law firms monthly to service the Legal Shield family of
    subscribers. These lawyers do NOT work for Legal Shield. Also, we have
    access to the lawyers for as little as $17.00 per month, not $26.95. Please
    be careful in sharing our benefits with precision. Maybe you should redo
    and repost this video.

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