My name is Laima Johnson. I am an independent associate for Legal Shield. LegalShield is wonderful home business you work with. LegalShield is 41 years old c…

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  1. Jeremy Calding says:

    Having a strong stream of income in today’s economy is a “no brainer”…

    But if you don’t have leads coming in chances are your stuck…


  2. bentout64 says:

    Legal Shield may be the biggest thing yet, but it might fizzle out over
    time… Regardless of whether it does or not the #1 thing you need to
    succeed are leads…. If you don’t have leads then you don’t have income…
    All companies and programs revolve around people and the only place you’re
    going to make money from is people… People are online… Learn how to
    attract leads “like a magnet” and lend the pain of “hoping it works”…
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  3. Don Whigham says:

    What do you mean pyramid scheme?

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