Today, you can earn your Riot points game code for LoL at ease! Go to: Please note that this rewards website is completely legit…
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  1. DrunkenMineCrafy says:

    SWEET Some free riot points How many surveys must i do?!?!!??

  2. AnansiPrototype says:

    I dont have the pre-paid cards option :(

  3. Luna Light says:

    If you buy RP with PayPal you get bonus RP right in the package, no extra
    work or risk of viruses to your computer either!

  4. Gijs Olff says:

    lol $73 paypal cash out…. have you been doing surveys non-stop for 3

  5. Tyby19944 says:

    hey i have some coins how can i purchase game with it?

  6. vladimir7079 says:

    Riot support are kind enough to put the riot points into your account. Once
    you have your card code, login to the LoL website and send a support ticket
    under billing > game cards. They’ll need to know your summoner name,
    account name, the code and it’s value($10), and the server you play on.
    They usually reply within the same day, and there you go!

  7. Jesse Perez says:


  8. Harun Dupanovic says:

    from what country are u ?

  9. vladimir7079 says:

    Perhaps you could complete the daily tasks, they are available every 24hrs.
    This site is awesome if you are from the US, but it can be a pain if you’re
    from Asia and some European countries.

  10. Antica89 says:

    Thanks for the video im gonna try it :)

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