Today, you can earn your Riot points game code for LoL at ease! Go to: The website buys the game cards and you can get them for …

Today, you can earn your Riot points game code for LoL at ease! Go to: Play League of Legends for free at: http://signup.leagueofleg…

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  1. Allan Bailey says:

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  2. Raheem Rosado says:

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  3. Ross Barkley says:

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  4. Un1ted32 says:

    Yes. They buy the game cards in bulk and you can get them for doing some
    tasks. You get the most points by doing the tasks that require you to sign
    up(for free) on websites(because they want more members) and by doing polls
    and surveys. Sometimes you’ll see an offer to test a beta game. Make sure
    you follow the directions for your task and the tips on the forums. You
    will be earning lots of points and have enough for your game card in just a
    few hours πŸ˜‰

  5. Blizznakov says:

    I don’t have that pre-paid button i witch country did you select “Currently
    showing payment options for ………?

  6. gowiththefl0 says:

    So it took me almost 20 mins to get 3 points…could u tell me which ones
    are the easiest ways to o gain points please:O?

  7. md ik says:

    n its use real money? plz respond

  8. Yip Man says:

    Nou dat weet ik niet zeker hoor!

  9. kakarot750 says:

    does it really work?

  10. Hans Peter says:

    Really thankful to you mate, subscribed, liked , commented πŸ˜€

  11. Un1ted32 says:

    The prepaid card option is only available on the US server, but you can
    send a message to Riot with your code, summoner name and the server you
    play on to their support team. They will then put the riot points into your
    account within 1-2 days.

  12. Gavin Skelton says:

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  13. Sylvester Mackenzie says:

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  14. Gordon Low says:

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  15. Balia Costantino says:

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  16. LastnightOfOurLife says:

    Hey is there any easy survays to do? Like fast ones?

  17. iBronzeSoulxRF says:

    OGPlanet? what u play? πŸ˜€

  18. dzeljo1 says:

    jebem ti krv

  19. Errol Greene says:

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  20. LouiseSantiago481 says:

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