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  1. randychambliss says:

    Hello Bruce, Great Video. Keep them coming

  2. thorlockthemage says:

    Check it out dude, the dudes at the top of PPL do not make their money from
    the products you (the associate) sells. They make their money from the
    “inspirational” products they sell and the conventions they charge you to
    attend. How much have you spent on inspirational products (including
    conventions)? If you don’t understand that, you deserve to lose time and
    money. You’ll feel silly in a couple years when you see this going nowhere.
    Its gonna suck but you’ll get through it.


    Hi Bruce love your message going to your site now all the best Gee

  4. HomeBizCash says:

    Great Video Great Business too. Follow this Success Team. Dave

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