Find out how easy it is to make money mailing postcards. All I do each week is mail out 500 postcards and sit back and colle…

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  1. Jazmenn griffin says:

    Does this still work
    And can we market this site online also?

  2. Roxxy Sanchez says:

    this thing drives my curiosity.
    i might give it a try some day c:?

  3. Joe Bojko says:

    how many people do you get from the postcards. like how many people sign up
    under you when u mail these out??

  4. Jw J says:

    b.s stamps over .40 cents?

  5. byron mcdonald says:

    Where do the money come from they pay you to do what?

  6. Joseph Rabito says:

    Don’t be bitter Ponzi Eliminator. . Your on here trolling the videos. Stop
    dreaming your dream and start living it. . Don’t knock other people who
    have achieved freedom from the so called JOB your telling then to get. ?

  7. Ponzi Eliminator says:

    How long have you been running this scam? Get a job bum and start paying
    your taxes!?

  8. andrea jackson says:

    were do you get the mailing list from??

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