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Craig Shelley, director of Development and Corporate Alliances, shares details on two new tools that promote financial education and responsibility: the Scou…

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  1. nanaenanaja says:

    Funny… For the past year Ive turned my car into a rolling seminar. To &
    from work, I play them. COUNTLESS HOURS PUT TO GOOD USE. Plain & simple.

  2. Ryan Celestain says:

    A great place to get audio books for a great price is Audible-dot-com They
    have a great selection! What spanish course are you listening too? -Ryan

  3. Shaun Derik says:

    Brilliant idea, Brian!

  4. virtuouswomen1111 says:

    Hay there, didn’t think you would respond so fast (lol) I’m listening to
    the “Pilmsler” Spanish speaking course(if I spelled that right)…

  5. virtuouswomen1111 says:

    Isn’t that something Ryan, I’ve watched a few of your videos and I respect
    you very much do to you courage and your success of your courage. I listen
    to audio books too all day and I’m also learning Spanish too on audio
    (smiles)…I just wanted to share the like interest, keep up the good

  6. Superbbw07 says:

    That is an excellent idea. I will do this idea. Thanks

  7. a01011399 says:

    hi, I also drive a-lot and listening audio books is a very good thing to
    do, thanks to audio books trafic and red lites are no so bad

  8. Ryan Celestain says:

    Thank you! My whole purpose in all my videos is to bring value and share
    ideas that will inspire and empower others. Yes Jim Rohn is awesome!!!!
    Thank you again -RC H.O.P.E.

  9. Ryan Celestain says:

    Well thanks for almost taking the time to watch my video =) From the other
    comments it looks as if people enjoy what I have to say. Sorry you werent
    able to get the whole message. -Ryan H.O.P.E. Helping Other People Excel

  10. primo2122 says:

    Great video.. -Jose

  11. funnyhaha07 says:

    The person who is making the most money on these things are the people who
    collect the money for the seminar or wrote the book. Kind of like Americas
    Next Top Model it has promoted Tyra Banks more than any of the model
    wannabes on there. Of all the models on their very few have gone on to do
    very well in modeling or acting. Tyra gets the biggest benefit, she is
    getting rich from peddling skin.

  12. cheekytao says:

    What an amazing response. You have the attitude that you just cannot fail.
    Thank you for being an inspiration, not so much by the video but by your
    attitude….. ps Jim Rohn rocks :-)

  13. Karin Hiebert says:

    great video…

  14. StatisticsQuest says:

    I do the same. Even down to the Spanish….

  15. Shaun Derik says:

    Brilliant idead, Brian

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