www.mca.biz/kelvinmiles/ MCA – Motor Club of America Benefits: 1) UNLIMITED 24/7 road side assistance 2) Towing up to 100 miles (AAA only tows 5 miles) 3) Em…

When Does an Artist Need a Lawyer?

In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org – Music attorney Ed Fair discusses the point at which an artist should seek the help of an attorney, and offers s…
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  1. biiiiiieeeeeell says:

    “DO NOT REPLACE YOUR INSURANCE” most insurances cover all these costs in
    2014 plus OBAMACARE covers all americans. Bye bye MCA?

  2. DHG Aspire says:

    People if you think MCA is a Scame. Thats why your brock wake up and try
    something new! your letting people get rich and you still think its a
    scamm! i been with MCA for a year now and i made over 20k and im hardly
    doing shit! LOL?

  3. magicman93 says:

    Funny because they don’t even mention mca. This is a stolen clip from an
    unrelated news report ?

  4. Jackie Cortez says:

    I think this video shows another way to market MCA, its not just for
    roadside assistance, it can be focusing on a discount club, it has the same
    benefits, so why not. sounds good to me, gives me another edge to motivate
    older people specially with discount prescription, glasses.etc.?

  5. TheVegaIsAwesome says:

    MCA scams poor people?

  6. Albert Cardona II says:

    I don’t get it, yes I know MCA is a discount club but honestly they never
    said it in this video once. The title says that it is in this video so now
    it seems scandalous because of that. I have a family that are ministers and
    are saying its good I should join but this does make MCA seem shady.
    However, for their testimonial and telling me the truth about it I might
    just join because they showed me a video with them getting paid. They also
    told me the truth about it and did not sugar coat it so now I have to trust
    them because they did me right. So when I join and understand it better
    guess what some of you could ask me questions on FB just IM me. My name
    Albert Cardona II that is the easiest way to find me. If I see it as a fake
    way to make money I might not care about that. However, it does provide a
    lot of discounts and stuff they told me about and how to use it. If I feel
    I got robbed I will be totally honest and not sell it anymore if I feel
    like it’s not a bad thing I will try to make money off of it too. I don’t
    believe in robbing folks?

  7. leegenix says:

    The title is misleading. There was NO mention of MCA at anytime.?

  8. Keben Guerrero says:

    Wtf Nigga they never talked about MCA Dumbfucks #smh ?

  9. christine candelaria says:

    New member of MCA & i love my benefits & discounts. very happy with MCA

  10. kool2btrue says:

    BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Mellody Hobson, a regular at GMA
    with no relation to MCA. SCAMMERS?

  11. Jose Ramos says:

    Are you all living under a rock? MCA is as the video puts it…one of the
    “discount clubs”.?

  12. Alfonso carter says:

    Its clown videos like this that deters people like myself, Mca almost seems
    to good to be true and videos, rather clowns like this that will cause
    people to mis this great opportunities, Im still signing up. I will make
    good money because of clowns like this!!! ?

  13. Captain GetmoMoney says:

    You guys are knuckle heads… I get the title and how it relates to the
    story in the vid. He never said MCA was mention on GMA but MCA on GMA…
    The benefits that were mentioned on GMA, discount prescriptions, eyeglasses
    etc. I get it!!!

    Many of you are just excuse makers that ain’t gonna do shit to make your
    life better. “I was going to join”… Yeah right!!! Ppl that are poor
    minded always look for excuses to not do nothing… ?

  14. mizzchristine1 says:

    wow… thanks for the info.

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