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  1. Suck My Kha... says:

    I tried signing up with your link. I have $500+ in my bank, And it said
    insufficient funds? ?

  2. Ricardo Sanchez says:

    VERY impressive training methods right here. Video Liked?

  3. Eric Williams says:

    Do we receive this training if we sign up with you or do we have to pay the
    extra money to get it??

  4. Charmaine McFarlane says:

    Great Stuff!!! I sent you a text about training, but found these after…
    great stuff!!! Thanks?

  5. adalhi montes says:

    How much is the state license needed to promote MCA in california???

  6. Kay'Lynn Marie says:

    So, the site is not published I guess.?

  7. Chrstina Shumpert says:

    does this work for mac??

  8. Jaylone Thomas says:

    I just purchased those two softwares from you last night can I get the
    downloads from you asap! ?

  9. Taylor Bombz says:

    Let’s get it?

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