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Video Rating: 5 / 5 CLICK FOR UNLOCK CODE Blackberry Bold 9700 on any network.

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  1. gainesm2 says:

    Love the video Matt! Thank you for all the videos you have out there to
    help others succeed! Powerful story.

  2. Mukul Verma says:

    @ BlackyotaMW This process also works with the Telus version of the
    Blackberry 9700. Check the link on the description box.

  3. Mukul Verma says:

    @araz1994 If it ran out you would not be able to enter your unlock code
    unless you’d be able to reset the counter.

  4. bramnijebijvank says:

    I like your accent.

  5. junkie654 says:

    I can do that but where did u get the code

  6. TheAdel000 says:

    i bought thye same one its realy not good

  7. Mukul Verma says:

    @TheCastillo03 Which network your phone is currently locked in and what is
    the simcard have you inserted on the phone? TRy to repeat steps and simcards

  8. Mukul Verma says:

    @KrZxTOXiiC69 Yes, you can use the phone as a pay-as-you-go phone or
    postpaid, as long as the carrier or network is GSM.

  9. Mukul Verma says:

    @KrZxTOXiiC69 If Virgin Mobile in your country do not use SIM card, then
    you won’t be able to use the phone on that network, GSM phones can only be
    used on GSM carriers, even if the phone is unlocked.

  10. Mukul Verma says:

    Once your phone is unlocked to other network you would still be able to use
    this with its original service provider.

  11. CLAV777 says:


  12. andyberrie says:

    my bold 9700 from phones4u unlocked uk i want to enable uma for my orange
    sim card any advice welcome thanks andy

  13. Mukul Verma says:

    @Nappy1987 If you typed in the code that’s shown in this video, then of
    course, it would not work because unlock codes are unique to every phone.
    It’s calculated using the IMEI # of the phone, the carrier to which the
    phone is locked and the model of the phone.

  14. Araz Araz says:

    hey what if the tries have ran out? then what do I do?

  15. BlackyotaMW says:

    this dosnt wrk telus

  16. blue1423 says:

    say if the phone is for telus but u put a rogers sim card in and then
    unlock it will it still work??

  17. KrZxTOXiiC69 says:

    @GlobalUnlock soo can i use it with a prepaid tmobile sim card??

  18. MrWestonRd says:

    thanks Jackie Chan

  19. luke roper says:

    i went on the website and inserted my details how long do i have to wait ?

  20. doomkid1331 says:

    u saaaaay tree!

  21. Mukul Verma says:

    @onlinesniper Unlocking rates depends on the model and the carrier to which
    the phone is locked to.

  22. Jalbinati8 says:

    i need help. does this acually work? and do u have to pay for your end of
    the month billage fees? plz message me

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