Joe Munzer goes over what to do with that infamous “List of 100″ that network marketing companies say we …

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  1. themlmtreasuremap says:

    great points there Joe, I’ve roped my family into almost every MLM I’ve
    been in (lol) why not? just say “hey Sis gimme your credit card!” 😉 I
    still market online and generate 50 leads a day… you have to otherwise
    you just can’t make money in mlm unless you have thousands of leads.

  2. Joe Munzer says:

    Absolutely Tim…ya have to market online to get as many leads as you can.
    I just don’t want the beginner to BLINDLY jump into a “system” and think
    that the “system” should be his ONLY form of marketing. Thanks for helping
    me clarify that :)

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