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  1. Daniel Strand says:

    Right The FUCK ON! dude this works also on sprint and boost models dude u
    are a lifesaver!!!?

  2. Robert Lynch says:

    Thanks for this! Gonna pick one up to be a Chromecast remote.?

  3. Don Coleman says:

    If it’s a Verizon prepaid phone, doesn’t it have Verizon bloatware on it?
    If so, is it easy to remove??

  4. startrad3r says:

    thank you so much for this video :)?

  5. MXtra77 says:

    great! i just got this phone on sale for $50 at bestbuy. great
    alternative to a pricey tablet.?

  6. Mari B says:

    Just a tip, keep it in Airplane mode, you don’t get annoyed and it saves
    even more battery.?

  7. vanjori reyes says:


  8. tuberoako777 says:

    Thanks! Working so far.. I almost lost hope! xD?

  9. johnny flores says:

    Can u activate it after still?

  10. Broseidon12797 says:

    I know I am a bit late to the party but I am looking into getting one of
    these as an Ipod just like you did and I want to know does this work on
    4.4.2 as well as the original 4.2.2 it launched with??

  11. RegBeta says:

    What’s the point? This version of the Moto G is a CDMA model, there’s no
    way of using this phone on T-Mobile or AT&T.?

  12. Ian Moriarty says:

    Will the phone nag you to activate it every time you turn it on??

  13. Alex Perez says:

    good stuff ?

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