My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Parody - Gala Dresses

Rarity has nothing else going on and offers to make the girls’ Gala dresses. Mediocre comedy ensues through the repetition of jokes and too many cutaways. Th…
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  1. Panzyo says:

    @HamsterAtDawn For sure! I feel like I’ve hit the big time!

  2. Panzyo says:

    I don’t think I understand. You don’t like the video, then? I also really
    like My Little Pony. I just re-dubbed some parts for some jokes. It’s not
    too uncommon on YouTube. You could check out Friendship Is Witchcraft or
    the Mentally Advanced Series for some things similar to but better executed
    than my own.

  3. HamsterAtDawn says:

    “This isn’t even a pony’s dress!” (No YouTube video is complete without
    random quotes from it in the comments)

  4. spasmodist says:


  5. Panzyo says:

    Thanks. I’m mostly just really flaky. I have a couple that I’ve already
    started making, but I’ve just been letting myself get really caught up in
    other stuff.

  6. NorthKozar says:

    Agreed, and this is quite well done even without them. I hope that some
    more of these are done, though the channel seems pretty quiet now.

  7. alhabashij says:

    F**** u i love my little pony

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