Question by duc danville schooool: My roommates friend came on spring break with us, hasnt paid me his share yet…how do i handle this?
My two roommates, one of my roomate’s friends, and myself went to Mexico for spring break. My roommates and I had reserved a hotel and then flew out with this other friend of his, and we rented a car, and went to the hotel. we all took turns on the bed during the week.

problem is, this dude isnt paying me, and keeps giving me the run around, saying hell give me what hes got. when i tell him i have bills to pay, he says thats my problem, and that he said he would get me what hes got. its been a month and i havent seen a dime. he owes me $ 300 which is a bit less than his share for gas, hotel, car rental, parking, etc. How should I get this money from him? What should I say? I do have his phone number and can also text him. I had previously told him to get the money to me by last friday, but he didnt… I really need the money, and I know it was stupid of me to do that, but I was just being nice. Ive learned my lesson, but I do want to focus on getting this money from him.

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Answer by Jessica C
I hear you – I just think to not let anyone borrow money or pay a bill because they’ll screw you over. What you need to do is threaten him – he doesn’t know its not the truth and that may get your money back to you. Let him know you have “Prepaid Legal” and you have talked with your lawyer about taking him to small claims court. Prepaid Legal is a legit legal service where you get advice from an actual lawyer. Try that and see if that doesn’t get you your money faster! Good luck!

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