Net 10 LG 320G. – A video is about ‘Secure Reliance General Insurance Account Login Guide’ and how to find phone number and email address help. The mos…
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  1. IAmLeon94 says:

    I just got one. it was really hard to open.

  2. bubbeman18 says:

    what do you mean the cover? the back cover of the phone?

  3. tornmask says:

    thank u for the presentation “pugetsoundelectronic” cheers! x0]

  4. Marcus Murray says:

    Say I have a monthly plan of 750 minutes already on my phone—— Can I
    add, say- an extra 200 minutes to that if I buy the pay as you go cards? Or
    would that end up deleting my 750 minutes? thanks.

  5. IAmLeon94 says:

    @pugetsoundelectronic to take it out of the box. i should have made that
    more clear.

  6. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    @savelijah125 Does the phone look the same ?

  7. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    @IAmLeon94 What are you Talking about ?

  8. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    @TheExtremeCouponer This phone is running on the GSM network.

  9. egamberdi tukhtaev says:

    do i can use it for other company ? like att t mobile or simple because i
    have simple company and i’m going to buy phone from net 10

  10. Marcus Murray says:

    How do I put this phone on Speaker Phone? thanks.

  11. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    @nineteenseventynines Sorry we no longer carry this particular phone model
    and so there is no way for me to make a video demonstrating how to remove
    the battery door cover.

  12. savelijah125 says:

    its the same as my lg320g

  13. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    No Net 10 LG handsets are not supported for remote unlocking via a unlock

  14. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    @tornmask1 Thank you for the feedback.

  15. pugetsoundelectronic says:

    @marcusmurray2 I do not know much about Net 10 service plans but I
    recommend you call and speak with Net 10 for the most accurate results.

  16. nineteenseventynines says:

    my grandmother has this phone and shes having a problem trying to open the
    cover i cant help cause shes on vacation can u post a video showing me how
    to take the cover off so i can explain it to her ,,, the phone doesnt want
    to turn since yesterday and i called tech service and they said to remove
    the cover and check the battery ,,, thus me trying ask you to help me out
    thanks ..

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