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  1. Motor Club Of America Jobs says:

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  2. Burned Frozen says:

    Just print labels out online and throw it in their dropbox. Packages
    hardly ever come back unless you’re in a small town which means someone
    probably just doesn’t like you.?

  3. Brian Sanchez says:

    Well the post office refuse my package because it had to much tape.?

  4. Rose Jones says:

    I wonder if this was a rare situation, I hope so. ?

  5. Raiken Profit says:
  6. TSpider Keeper says:

    sorry you been ejected the reason is its a package and packages need ups
    to ship them depending on the weights an ups is the main package handler or
    fedex both are the real package handlers usps is mail but few to no
    packages ?

  7. Tough Journeyman says:

    Postal employees are becoming more rude than the DMV workers nowadays. ?

  8. Jessica Tetsuki says:

    my package was rejected to but mine was a bubbled envelope (not a flat
    rate) And there was never an explanation as to why, the recipient never
    received it and I never got the package back. I think it’s BS?

  9. Nikki P says:

    Both my mother and father work at the PO and around this time of year it is
    pure hell for postal workers… its their nightmare! I worked there temp so
    I know how crazy it gets but nonetheless I would contribute you having a
    hard time to stress that the PO workers are dealing , maybe they just had a
    bad day but I dont see anything wrong about your box. It’s just that crazy
    time of year for the PO.

  10. Raiken Profit says:

    Same here. I have one post office I refuse to use to because its always
    such a pain in the but.

  11. mystiqueboutique says:


  12. theCtrlAltGeek says:

    “If it fits, it ships” That is their motto, not “if it fits and conforms to
    the boxes original measurements, it ships.” I think it is your post office,
    my post office says if you can fit it in there we will send it. Furthermore
    the guy who told you the post office is $6 billion in debt is a dick. It is
    not our fault the post office is in debt, it is theirs for overpaying their
    mailmen and giving them an over generous pension.

  13. Uptown Scarlett says:

    ssshhhhh. haha =)

  14. xoxomaxine1 says:

    Raiken, a family member is a supervisor for over 10 years, your post office
    is not “getting strict”. The rule for flat rate BOXES, the box cannot bulge
    at all, it needs to be flat on all sides. It’s been the rule for a long
    time. A majority of employees by-pass boxes that don’t follow regulation
    out of ignorance and end up getting in trouble during surprise audits. Flat
    rate envelopes can bulge, it just needs to seal with the original adhesive.

  15. misst919 says:

    The last time I went to the post office to drop off about 6 things. They
    gave me such an issue that my weight was off and it def wasn’t! I took them
    back and put it in the blue box outside. I do not speak with them anymore!
    Do not fix this box. Put in blue box. Or go to another PO

  16. Iron Butt Picker says:

    BTW Gave you a big shout out on my first video titled Schultzee’s First
    Picker Video. Let me know what you think.

  17. Infamous Bro says:

    I received some poly mailers the other day and the postage on them was
    marked at 1 ounce. They were well over a pound lol. Maybe that’s why they
    are so far in debt.

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