Did you know the T-Mobile Lumia 521 has Wi-Fi calling on board? What is it? How does it …
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Our brother Pat was diagnosed a couple of months ago with a rare blood disease called: Myleodysplastic Syndrome. He’s already had to have 14 blood transfusio…
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  1. Charles LaBounty says:

    My foot tastes like pooh. Lol I just found it by Googleing it. I’m happy?

  2. abdelilah laabidat says:

    i don’t find it?

  3. mykiisubtle says:

    Omg I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn this OFF for so long! Thank
    you! Hate this feature.?

  4. donald Braboy says:

    Do you need a sim card for this ?

  5. donald Braboy says:

    Do you need a sim card for this ?

  6. Manuel Alfaro says:

    wifi calling works when you have service signal. weather your in the united
    states or in another country. If it shows a circle with a line in the
    middle then you you have no service whioe wifi is enabled. You need to wait
    until you get bars or blank bars.?

  7. Sire Young says:

    my phone is disconnected and i put the wifi on and it dosent work :( how
    can u fix that?

  8. Charles LaBounty says:

    * should have had some sort of protection…?

  9. desmond walker says:

    If Your Phone Isn’t On As In Phone Bill Past Due Can You Still Call And
    Text Via WiFi??

  10. Steve Yuan says:

    Windows Phone Central demonstrates the Lumia 521’s Wifi calling feature.
    This is a carrier enabled feature, exclusive, at least at the moment, to
    T-Mobile. I highlight it mainly because the service runs on IP Multimedia
    Subsystem (IMS), which is the same technology that Voice over LTE uses. Of
    all the major carriers, T-Mobile is best positioned to migrate to VoLTE. ?

  11. Charles LaBounty says:

    Any ideas where I can download it again? I moved all my apps to my SD card
    and then it crashed. I have redownloaded everything but I can’t seem to
    find this anywhere in the store. My phone works without it but it have had
    some sort of protection like all the other bloatware does ?

  12. rihad khalique says:

    Is the phone good or bad buying it today?

  13. Wayne Keller says:

    Call with Skype.?

  14. gordo193 says:

    i’ve had my phone for 6 days now and wifi calling hasn’t worked once. I
    get a message “ER 06 SIM not ready” SIM card is in place though. Has this
    happened to anyone??

  15. LoveeMakeup21 says:

    Yes, i think so?

  16. bin lin says:

    can you call with 4GLTE

  17. telldem1 says:

    What if you are in another country like Thailand….will wi-fi calling
    still work??

  18. angel arauz says:

    Itz free??

  19. emman Iwe says:

    do you have to have a line to do wifi calling?

  20. Alan Shoesmith says:

    Nokia Lumia 521 – Wi-Fi Calling Demonstration?

  21. josereu says:

    von wo ist die Familie knopf?

  22. filenotuploaded says:

    did he get better? i hope he did! my dad died of cancer when i was 3…this
    video makes me miss him and i don’t want you guys to feel the same way i do!

  23. michael knopf says:

    I am sorry I do not Know your language

  24. DeskaZaptas says:

    Try Asian women ****

  25. Craig Smith says:

    I miss you my brother! Rest now…

  26. johnnyhologram says:

    My love to you all, and my prayers will be with you.

  27. ottyotty12 says:

    i am praying happfully that hell get well soon good luck get well to him i
    hope he survives amen

  28. wallyBbare says:

    The comment above (von wo ist die Familie knopf?) is German and translates
    to “from where is the family knopf”.

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