President Obama recently included in his remarks to the Business Roundtable meeting at the White House this little nugget: “Raising the debt ceiling…does n…

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  1. Robert Jackson says:

    That’s the guy running our country! #FacePalm?

  2. Illutian Kade says:

    Raising the *Debt Ceiling* doesn’t raise the debt? If that’s the case then
    how come, if as you say Mr. President, we’ve raised it over one-hundred
    times, our debt has *nearly doubled* since Bush Jr. left. And *TRIPLED*
    since Clinton left.

    Though, *technically* he is right. Just because you increase the ceiling
    doesn’t mean the debt is automatically increased. It’s just putting off the
    #politics #politcal #politicalnews ?

  3. Linc Austin says:

    No worries. Thanks for your support!

  4. ahmed ali says:

    We want bush back we love war lets attack china and Russia it will improve
    our debt yeeehhhhaaaaa cowboy lets kill em all

  5. Dee Jay says:

    OBAMA is worse than Hitler

  6. reddhouse says:

    If you thought Bush was a Baboon this clown Barry Soetero is a complete
    Moron!!! The fate of the nation is sealed IT IS DOOMED!!!

  7. Linc Austin says:

    You are correct in that we have ridiculous deficit spending. So, if we kept
    the debt ceiling the same, we would be forced to reduce that ridiculous
    spending. Instead, by raising the limit, we allow the government to
    continue with its ridiculous spending. Cuts will never come with the
    ceiling always raised.What will come is a financial collapse of our country
    once other nations decide they’ve played along with our phony monetary
    system for long enough.We are making the inevitable that much worse.

  8. Thomas Zwergel says:

    except for the word ‘profligacy’ (shameless dissoluteness; reckless
    extravagance) he sounds like he’s had too much fluoride.

  9. pmcaninch42 says:

    Raising the debt ceiling doesn’t DIRECTLY raise the debt. Its our
    ridiculous deficit spending that does that. The debt ceiling simply let’s
    us borrow money so we can pay for the things we already bought. Not raising
    it would be like not paying your credit card bill. You already bought
    everything, but then refused to pay for it.

  10. MrTelejohn says:

    Gov’t= poor money manager. When a poor money manager gets a higher limit on
    his credit card, he inevitably goes shopping until he reaches the limit.
    Just like Obama.

  11. paulmax72 says:

    He, like his predecessors, is gambling or “hoping” the shit doesn’t hit the
    fan with a total economic collapse on his watch.

  12. Jay Beam says:

    What?? Lol. How bout quit funding the nsa/obamas cabinet. Google the
    federal budget, holy shit! You made your money and we haven’t impeached
    you. Inside trading is illegal and you should be in jail

  13. Lambs Bread says:

    Cluless Evil Puppet

  14. sedwrzwsr says:

    Well technically he “is” correct. But actually he will increase the debt
    once the debt ceiling is raised.

  15. pmcaninch42 says:

    There’s a difference, and It would be useful to you to learn it. When Obama
    voted against it, it was purely symbolic that they weren’t in favor of the
    wars, because the democrats did not hold the majority in the senate
    (55R-45D). So there was no way it wasn’t going to raise. But today’s house
    majority can in fact stop it from raising, and they are threatening default
    if they don’t get what they want. Time to learn things.

  16. Linc Austin says:

    This is a simple concept, right?!

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