(Part 1) WHAT IS Accepted As Value, UCC1, PRE-PAID Credit, Social Security, Berth Certificate!

This video has EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGES to share with you today. In this video, Archangel Makintoch/Archangel Michael talk about the accepted for value p…
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  1. Tracey Gargano says:

    Please help me! I have researched so much to the point that I am
    confused. Where do I start??

  2. Kanoee64 says:


  3. samantha mason says:

    where r the links you spoke of?

  4. rhmbicyclersvideos says:

    Are you still using your Money orders and A4V set offs tas of today May

  5. Kanoee64 says:

    Im Pretty much wight I love you man Agape?

  6. SunshineChilli93 says:

    Your amazing, I know all the basics through studying law but I could do
    with fast track!! I’ll be in touch!! Namaste?

  7. Stacy Williams says:

    Are you crazy dude. Lucifer is not in charge of Heaven.?

  8. wakeupworld100 says:

    The native ppl helped white ppl eat grow food welcomed them… in return
    European acted fake nice and attacked native ppl gave them virus colonized
    them overall.pollution of planet. That is a form of so called evil. It was
    the worker ways to go about it many will deny till they dnt.?

  9. Connie Harris says:

    Great information, I just wish you did not have all the curse words in it.
    Please clean up your language so children can learn this at an early age.
    You claim to love god and as you influence people you should clean up your
    bad curse words. Thanks?

  10. Joshua Matzat says:

    B rational,It’s a deep rabbit whoe?

  11. NEptOOnerA says:

    that language yu spoke below, iS that hebrew..???

  12. Forensource says:

    You are a fucking idiot. ?

  13. justin gordon says:

    you are awesome man. I am always taking notes. word of mouth used in the
    right way is a mighty weapon. I have a friend his name is freedom. you
    speak just like he does. wish I could speak like you guys do. but anyway
    keep doing what you love and believe you WILL break through to a lot of

  14. Keith Martucci says:

    God bless you bro…..I love this being…you rock and roll man…..?

  15. Alex Mustelier says:

    Does this work for naturalized citizens?

  16. Mon Bel Amour says:

    Can you please provide me with the books you read in order to find this
    information? I’d like to know more about this. Thank you??

  17. Stacy Williams says:

    I’m still waiting on the part where he shows how to get my moneyyyyyyy.?

  18. hjr192 says:

    My brother that was the greatest video of all time! The content was epic.
    Your delivery was enthusiastic, precise, fun, clear and utterly
    devastating! My world has been rocked the last year since I’ve been
    learning ALL THIS STUFF, but super exciting. No one I know knows this stuff
    and when I show them the law (hjr192) they look at me like a dear in the
    headlights, nothing there. So hearing you talk about it and how fired up
    you get is how I talk to people too. I just sent out my first wave of A4V’s
    about three weeks ago so when I get confirmation that they are settled I’m
    going to be a freaking animal!!! I just want to help people do this too,
    thanks buddy!


  19. Mixo Plex says:

    How can Lucifer be the light.. Jesus said he is the light the way and the
    truth. Satan is a fallen angel.. Adam was not fooled by Eve Godl told him
    not to eat the fruti. He just di what he wanted.?

  20. Oshun Harmony says:

    Most excellent! I sent you an email. Thank you for the info?

  21. Joshua Banta says:

    wait…. I AM a slave… son of a b@#$%. I know this feeling too well.?

  22. Luisa Green says:


  23. Remax5535 says:

    if you have an account and you can create your own checks, why would you
    need to charge for assisting others to do the same since you are working
    for the prime creator??

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