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Alex Jones & Max Keiser, Battle over the Palestine Genocide. Alex Jones Show, Aug 15, 2014. Howard Stern exposes Alex’s Jewish Wife. Feb 26, 2013 It seems to…
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  1. Jorge Piña Jr says:

    What a stupid video. Here’s Alex in his own words about Zionism Jones-Addresses
    Zionist Control Of America
    wake up fucking stupid sheep!?

  2. Glenn Canady says:

    Also if you don’t wake up after following all the links in this article
    then you are a moron and have been mind controlled by Alex Jones.

  3. Suzanne_RCDM says:

    Don’t you think if Alex was for real, he’d be long gone by now??

  4. Glenn Canady says:

    Alex is controlled opposition and he’s been exposed now. He pushes Drudge
    who is an Israeli agent! He says Drudge will save us when he censors
    chemtrails and just about anything else important! What a joke! Here’s
    tons more evidence that proves Jones is a traitor to the truth movement.

  5. jurisek fedik says:


  6. dr Meno says:

    Add a message to your video?

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