A credit card can be used to add money to a PayPal account simply by selecting “Add Funds” on the main account window, clicking on the desired credit card to…

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  1. Rigsen says:

    can we do this with a debit card ??

  2. Birds At Daybreak says:

    Thank you!?

  3. Electron Power says:

    Now it’s “top up” button, instead of “add funds” button.

    Thumbs up, so everyone can see ;)?

  4. commiekiller1989 says:

    Ok. So this is what you do. Don’t hover over the Add Funds drop down, click
    add funds.

    Paypal sucks for trying to push that moneypak shit.?

  5. Jason Chen says:

    add fund is not aviablibe, all fucking idot?

  6. ASHWINI RAUT says:

    this is not solution of my problem there is no top up button nor add
    funds button?

  7. PumpkinScar says:

    noo man i need way to add funds with paysafecard!?

  8. THEKTMGUY100 says:

    Does it take time?

  9. jonnypanteloni says:

    Great well if you haven’t figured this information is really outdated.?

  10. Josh Pescatore says:

    Thats a bank account dumbass?

  11. XJAWSR7 ! says:

    Does CahsU work on paypal?

  12. John UBC says:

    You added from a chequing account you doofus!?

  13. chanseria says:

    its not credit card fool it is your bank account what a dum.?

  14. john adams says:

    Do you have to wait a certain amount of time, or does your money get
    transferred right away and you can use it right away?

  15. staker3000 says:

    can you put money from a pre payed visa onto paypal?

  16. CAYounis says:

    Hold on! please someone help me! how to add money on in different way !?
    please help. can i bring money and give it to the mail place and they put
    for me?

  17. xanthos tsafalopoulos says:

    there isn’t any ADD FUNDS selection

  18. Bridget Delaney says:

    This doesn’t work any longer. PayPal won’t let you add funds from a credit

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