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Alright, I have a question im a bit paranoid lately cause of emails. I made a paypal account when i’m under 18 realizing it was for 18+ Only etc etc. Well, like most people i faked my info and all that, i then stupidly without thinking put my ssn in since they’re asking to confirm my identity, then they realized that the information wasn’t correct and such and told me to give them proof that im 18+ and such, well i panicked because i didn’t want to get into legal trouble so i just deleted my account, but the thing that concerns me is that paypal still keeps sending me reminders about this issue when i clearly don’t owe anyone money i have 0 money on the account and deleted it. Should i be worried it’s been over a month now and all i keep getting reminders trying to confirm my identity i already stated when i deleted my account that i was under 18. Will anything happen in the future since i gave them my ssn? Once i turn 18 will this be a issue or should i just ignore it for now and hopefully waiting for it to stop? Thanks in advance. P.S only thing that i think they want to confirm is my age i gave them my real first name 1 letter of last name only. Only thing that is false is the year i was born in. -I signed up with a prepaid credit card-

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You didn’t actually delete the account. That takes 180 days to complete.

Eventually they will, and they will ban you for life.

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