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A group Massachusetts parents are outraged and at least one worker has been placed on administrative leave after about 25 students Robert J. Coelho Middle School in Attleboro were forced to…

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  1. ANDYRMURRAY says:

    cool video Robin, I get the message Peace an love Andy Murray

  2. MagnumSandbass says:

    Follow not fallow

  3. Ben Parker says:

    I go there?

  4. Joshua Meek says:

    That’s my school but they don’t throw it out and you have to be at lease 6
    negative and lunch is 1.50?

  5. Sprocket Turner says:

    massholes…end of story?

  6. KidKelvin says:

    Lmfao i go to coelho and the cafeteria looks nuthin like that XD

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