Play world of warcraft for free by following the directions below. Why am I doing this? I was sick of all the fckin’ scams, so me and a few close friends, (Including a Blizzard employee, though…
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  1. MrDocBizzy says:

    this was very helpful appreciate it. has anyone seen the brand new bot on
    wowcheatsYnet (replace Y with . ) ? its very cool, i have got a level 80
    rogue, shaman and druid with more or less 100 % pvp equipment because of it!

  2. optik8army says:

    a freidn of mine gave me 6 months for free(10 euros) on blizz…i dont know
    how he did it, but this could be it. ill try it 😀

  3. Twistedsister543 says:

    does this work as of now with cataclysm patch?

  4. pakler91 says:

    Look more info for details on how to do this Best regards from blizzard

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