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  1. GrayWoIf says:

    Anyone know how to use an American Express Serve Card. I usually use them
    on Amazon no problem but on Ebay they just don’t work and it charge me $1
    process fee and says card not accepted eventually I get the dollar back but
    why won’t it go through.?

  2. Yaseen Hamad says:

    i have a visa card too but i cant buy with it

    so can u tell me how?

  3. Jennah Wahab says:

    no they dont anymore, please show us new?

  4. YouthSpirited says:

    Do credit cards charge you a fee for receiving your payment as a seller??

  5. james williams says: i need to get pay pal first? to use a Visa gift card debit card?

  6. Johnny L says:

    +Chris Marcial how to buy and pay with prepaid card on ebay ps i dont have
    a prepaid card i lost the other prepaid can do i use any type of prepaid
    card or online shopping prepaid card?

  7. Vierna Bieber says:

    I have a problem about online shopping. So I ordered an item from ebay
    website and they send me an email said that they had already ship the item
    to me and I have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks and it’s been 1 month already but
    I still don’t recieve any card from post office about my item. Oh and the
    seller send me the transaction number and item number but I don’t
    understand what does it mean and stand for?
    the item is sent buy economic international ship, so should I go and check
    it in post office or what? please help me…?

  8. Cole Adkisson says:

    What i mean is could this substitute as the credit card u put in and the
    things you sell go staight to the card or u account? ?

  9. Cole Adkisson says:


  10. Cole Adkisson says:

    Can you also use that to sell things or do u habe to have crefit card? ?

  11. Some person dot dot dot says:
  12. JnnProductions1 says:
  13. ScreamingNeonDinosau says:

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