Query by 2sticks6strings: Prepaid Lawful Providers scammer?
A normal customer approached me at perform on day. He proceeded to notify me about a firm known as pre paid out lawful providers and how I can make cash. Long tale brief I knew it was a pyramid scheme the second he opened his mouth. I informed him I was not fascinated. Now he keeps approaching me about it striving to make it sound better and better. I told him once again and once again I am not fascinated and that I think in producing funds the truthful way. My perform will not kick him out because he is a likely consumer (cha ching)….can I report him and get him in problems for becoming involved in a pyramid scheme? Are pyramid schemes illegal?

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Solution by CW
It really is much more like selling cans of soda for $ 25. Completely legal if an idiot desires to purchase it.

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