Query by Justin H: prepaid legal signed up without having my information?
I have a issue on prepaid authorized solutions. An “ex” freind signed me up without my information. I just received the packet nowadays. Canceling of program, my brother is an attourney, why would I require this.

I have a question, on the enrollment membership kind do you know if there is a signature line? If she forged my signature I want to know about it. If anyone has 1 and can scan it I would recognize it. I can not seem to find the brocure on the web she showed me the moment prior to I informed her I was not intrigued.

thank you
I am not inquiring about the legislation or ID theft I am inquiring about the kind in certain, I know who signed me up…exclusively I’m asking about the form and if there is a signature line. If there is a signature line then she had to have forged it and I can go after her.

Ideal solution:

Reply by donkey hotay
Any agreement needs a signature…..but then if you have a brother who is an attorney, why question us?

if you did not signal it…..some a single did…..

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