Query by Hefty Coronary heart: Preceding proprietor sees dollar signs and wants company back again?
At minimum that is the way I see it. My partner has been working at a small liquor organization for fifteen or more years. He knows about the enterprise backwards and entrance and has doubled its earnings because the previous a long time. Effectively, the prior owner never ever labored in the constructing itself and has constantly hired folks to operate for him. My husband getting a single of them. My husband was the assistant supervisor for awhile till the preceding manager screwed almost everything up like the checkbook, hence my spouse took over as supervisor. He has had to repair the blunders that each the supervisor and previous owner manufactured. Well, the owner had been so impressed with my hubby over the many years that he determined that when he retired, he would market it to my hubby. That has transpired inside of the previous 12 months, hence my hubby feels a great offer of duty of trying to maintain the prior owner pleased. They have composed a deal to comply with for five many years (like the operator acquiring some kind of monthly payment) and then it would be fully ours. I am the co operator but I will not have a lot say. Well a prolonged story short, a company needed to create on the property that the liquor shop is on so they built my partner one more new Bigger store at no value. It is beautiful. Now the proprietor sees greenback symptoms and is trying to discover unfair ways to get the enterprise back again by stating that my hubby has violated the contract in some methods which includes two employees selling to minors and possessing to fill in while my hubby and I were out of town on a loved ones unexpected emergency. I refuse to indicator this sort he has made stating these violations simply because they are beneath extremely unfair conditions even although I may not understand business. What can we do???

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Answer by golferwhoworks
get an lawyer as he could consider this to courtroom

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