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  1. Natalie Whittaker says:

    Woooohhpoooooooo shit ball oldest trick in the book?

  2. Arun sru says:

    the apple freak?

  3. yete T says:

    you bitch you lied to me?

  4. Stezen Boling says:

    Its fake it takes all ur money?

  5. Michelet Francois says:

    the music doe doe ?

  6. Daniel O'Donnell says:

    Really you could of just bought the iphone 5, put a website up in the
    description which could actually contain a virus, cause there’s no proof
    that you actually won it…?

  7. Daniel O'Donnell says:

    What’s the use of saying how to get a free iphone when it’s just pics of an
    iphone 5… God people are thick!?

  8. endy martinez says:


  9. Not Somebodyfamous says:

    Fake and your intro music sucks faget

  10. xD_CLASHERS# says:

    Oooaoaoaoiw awant himm

  11. Marius Johannesen says:


  12. Nadeeja Hewavitharnana says:

    I want it soooo badly

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