Question by mina: Any ideas on ways to make money w/ anything from selling products to low cost business ideas?
I’ve been working 4yrs straight and have been laid off but I’m a fighter so I cant sweat the small stuff. Now i want to do something from home where i cant be laid off, that means making money for myself. I dont care to sell Prepaid Legal, Surveys, or nothing else that requires me to sign up under you. Im talking, an easy way to start a tshirt business or how to throw spa parties, you know, something that really makes money. Possibly¬†online surveys for money?
Thanks in Advance
I know nothing is guaranteed to make money & I ‘M NOT sitting waiting on ANYTHING TO DROP IN MY LAP. SOME people may have really good suggestions on how to throw makeup parties, tips on what might be hot to sell, ect…

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Answer by Doctor Deth
no business is guaranteed to make money, or make enough to live on – if it was, everyone who lost a job would start a business “knowing” it would survive.

selling anything requires YOU to go out and find customers – that’s not exactly easy to do staying at home – business and money is not just going to fall in your lap

the vast majority of businesses never surivive 5 yrs

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