Question by jbrickey24: can a sixteen year old female leave the custody of her parents legaly with out being emancipated?
im almost sixteen my parents have been divorced for years and my mom just recently got remaried and her boyfriend is an a**whole to me and tells me to leave i though about living with my dad but im on an all star cheerleading team and he lives three hours from here and i would be able to cheer there or see my best friend who has helped me through everything shes twenty nine and has to kids and i husband who i call dad and a step daughter who im really good friends with but her family treats me better than my own does and she told me that i could ive with her if i ever needed too i and feel like im being pushed out of my moms house by her husband and i dont want to move that far awy to live with my dad soo would it be legal to move in with my friend when i turn sixteen in new york state?

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Answer by synyster
Yes it’s illegal.

Also you couldn’t be emancipated anyways if you want to live with a friend. The point of it is to live on your own.

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