Question by Michael: Can an adult please help?
Alright, this is what i need. I play this app and i need coins that cost money. So im doing tapjoy to get them for free. Im doing a hulu free trial and i need a credit card. I need the cvv2, credit card number, exp date, zip code, and a name. I tried fake cards to do the trial but it would not work and it is buggin me. I know about credit card fraud. Im not going to do that, it is nit worth it.
Apparently you read this wrong. I said a “free trial”. Smh…
Apparently you read this wrong. I said a “free trial”. Smh…

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Answer by NyuXan
You are willing to pay REAL MONEY for these COINS for a app which later on the future you may not even play anymore. Don’t do it. Even if it’s to the point of credit card fraud.

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I don’t care if it’s a free trial. You better clean up your act and realize that even though it’s free. You do realize it still requires LEGIT information on a actual credit card that may charge hidden fees and etc. If your old enough (which I believe you are not) to own a debit/credit card, use your own card. If not, use your parents card.

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  1. Jesse says:

    First of all nobody on the internet is going to give you their credit card number, because its not safe, not even a little bit. Now if you really are trying to do this and not trying to scam someone, I have a solution for you. Go to the store, use your money, and buy a prepaid visa gift card. You can get one for like $ 25 and use it however you want, and you don’t have to be a legal adult to do this. To use it online you will have to add your information to the card details on the card’s website.

  2. Emily says:

    As for the Hulu thing; ask your parents if they can do the free trial for you. A week before the trial expires cancel and do it over in about two months (don’t know if you can get that second free trial).

    As for the coins; I think they cost real money like the person above me mentioned. Again ask your parents if they’re willing to pay a few bucks for your coins.

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