Question by bluechill82: Drug testing for San Francisco residents?
I started a job 2 months ago and originally verbally agreed to take random urinalysis because the company was hesitant to hire me due to a previous attempted possession of drug paraphernalia charge in Arizona two years prior. The company is in the banking industry and their corporate headquarters is in Missouri. I live and work out of San Francisco independently as a field technician where the drug policies are different. They recently demanded that I take a drug test a day in advance. The request came via email saying I had to arrange and have the confirmation faxed to them within 24 hours. I didn’t do it and I don’t plan too. Do I have the right to refuse? I have not been in an accident and have given no reason for suspicion except for the previous paraphernalia charge two years ago. I feel like I am being violated.
I found this online :

I may have interpreted it wrong but it seems to me that it basically states that without reason this could be an invasion of privacy. As long as my work performance is up to par they have no reason to test me over something that happened years ago.

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Answer by Zach
Yes, you can refuse, but not without consequences. As you stated you agreed to random drug tests. If you refuse you can be disciplined up to being fired. If you have a drug problem, many seek help with the Drug Addiction Hotline.

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