Question by Victim: False Advertising, Is it legal? What is the Punishment? I was the victim, and they would not honor my coupon?
I was traveling on the interstate, and stopped in South Carolina and picked up a hotel coupon book.

There was a coupon for DAYS INN.

It said $ 32.95 for ALL ROOMS!

So Since it said All rooms, I said I wanted the jacuzzi room

I had a pet and they charged $ 10 more.

I expected to pay $ 32.95+$ 10pet+tax.

I drove over 100 miles and
They would not honor the coupon and said jacuzzi room was a lot extra, but the coupon said ALL ROOMS.

What can I do, and who can i report this too?

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Answer by A_Mom
Chances are the jacuzzi “room” is actually considered a “jacuzzi suite” in the hotel business there is a vast difference. Therefore the advertisement would refer to the rooms (generally a room with one or two beds (standard). This would be one legal way for them to get around this. Also, I’ll be that somewhere on the coupon it states, if available. If you still wish to file a complaint you should go to the Days Inn website and look for contact information for their corporate office, which should also be able to be located on the website.

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