Question by Blue: If i buy a phone and put it on my plan and give it to my Boyfriend, can i legally log everything on the phone?
So say i buy my Boyfriend a new phone(His is broken and is a prepaid), can i put software on the phone that i buy and put on my plan for 2 years, that logs everything and allows me to listen/read anything on the device at anything? If its on my plan, its my phone, right? So hes just using my property, so is that legal? I know my dad did this to my sisters phone and he was told its legal since hes paying the bills. So would it be legal in this case also? I get a discount for adding a second line, so cost isn’t that much worry for me. I was thinking about getting him a iPhone or Android. So would this be legal?
I want to make sure hes not cheating on me. Hes Bi and has been talking to this woman at the front desk at the gym.

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Answer by Malefactor
yep of course. my dad pays for my phone and my mom’s phone and they’re not his ;p
totally legal

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