Question by marlee6996: Legal Advice on A custody issue?
Hi everyone,
Ok I in such a delimma right now. I am beside myself with saddness and worry. I sent my oldest daughter to stay with my parents in Washington until we could move up there. I was looking to finish school, and planned for it to be 1.5 years or less. Well as we all know life happens. Between a cancer scare for me, and a divorce action and reconcliation my daughter has been up there almost 3 years.
After I reconciled with my husband my parents (mother) litterally stoped talking to me. They became so angered over the idea I was going to stay with him, I was basically cut out of their lives. Including my daughters. My calls, text emails have mostly gone unanswered. I went up in April to try and see my daughter. My mom spent the entire time I was there following my daughter around telling her not to spend any time with me. I saw her for 3 hours, and in the end was told to F off, and to go to he%%, by my kid, whom had never acted this way before.

I returned home, and hoped to have them send her home for the summer, as she has come down here each year. I sent emails and made calls, the whole time they baited me along saying they would tell me the date next week. Instead they filed a restraining order against me, and filed for 3rd party custody.

I am crushed my parent would do this to me. I do not know what to do. I have been told for this case would cost me upwards of 10-15 thousand dollars to fight. I never did anything to my children to deserve this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to reason with them, how to get them to stop?

Has anyone had much luck with prepaid leagal? they have been telling me they can help, but I am thinking it is only to sell a service. Heck does anyone know of a attorney that could help us. We do not have a ton of money… we just dont. We have 5 other kids, and because we live in diffrent states it has complicated things. There is much more, but this is the basics. Sorry, if nothing else I needed to vent.
No there has been no drugs, or anything. They did accuse us of physical harm towards her, but that never happened. In fact, we are so confident in our abilites as her parents that I would allow any access to schools, doctors etc, to show there is no such history. One other thing her bio dad is not my husband. He has know of her since her birth and never wanted to claim her till they got him involved.

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Answer by sweetdeysies
she is your daughter! you have legal rights as a parent granted they have been raising her however you are the legal and custodial parent i don’t see the problem.

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