Question by .: Questions about Ebay process?
Does it cost anything to have an account? Do I have to be a legal adult? Regarding price ranging, how much do often price items, percentage of what you bought it? How long does it usually take to sell it? Can I just put random crap on it like a lava lamp? Also, when you DO manage to sell it, would I have to pay for shipping like postage and all that? Thanks

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Answer by MarcapPub
1. No, it does not cost anything to have an eBay account.

2. Yes, you must be 18 years or older.

3. Pricing is entirely up to you. Obviously you will need to charge enough to make a profit, but at the same time, not charge more than the marketplace will accept or you simply will not sell anything.

4. An item may be sold in a matter of minutes or hours if it is listed with a buy-it-now option, and it is an in-demand item at the right price. If it is not, it may never sell.

5. Sure you can list anything you like, provided the items are not on eBay’s restricted items lists. Bear in mind however that you will still have to pay a listing fee, even if the item does not sell, but you will only have to pay a commission when it does sell.

6. You will have to ship the items prepaid. However you can list items with shipping included in your selling price, or else you can charge the buyer an extra “reasonable” shipping cost on top of your selling price provide you state that fact in your listing, and indicate just much you will charge.

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