Question by blondie4real101: small business, pay-pal, online surveys please please help?
I’m about to start my own small business selling sunglasses, makeup, etc. I have a part time job so I don’t make a lot of money to get it started so I thought I would use the money I make from my job to pay bills and then do online surveys to fund my small business (i know doing online surveys don’t pay that much so please no comments and I have about 100 requested sites to go to already so please don’t tell me anymore) Anyways, in order for me to get paid for doing online surveys I need a pay-pal account and I want the money that i earn to be transferred onto my prepaid Visa card. Why questions are,
1) How can I make it where all my earnings do go on my card?
2) Does pay-pal cost monthly?
3) Are there any risks to pay-pal and can I trust them?
4) Are there any contracts?

My small business will be inside my home and I am going to advertise on myspace and other websites similar:
Other questions (about small business)
5) Is it illegal for me to sell items out of my home without a license or a real business?
6) Do I have to claim taxes on everything I sell?
7) how can the customers pay me when I only have a in home business that isn’t really that professional?
8) Will I get into trouble doing this? (buying in bulk and re-selling the items?

I know its alot but thank you for all you’re help!!!! Have a great day!!!

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Answer by ladykenmax
Check with the FTC to see what companies that do on line survey taking they are presently investigating. There are several they have been investigating over the last 30 days. I hope you learned to read all the disclaimers and fine print before you get scammed and not make any money. Be informed not stupid or a victim!!!

Secondly, consult an attorney to keep you advised on starting your own home business. You will need to check your local laws to see if your home is zoned for business, licenses, IRS payments and other legal issues like liability insurance. If you don’t cover your self, you could lose everything you worked for.

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