Question by Jose-Miguel Jimenez: Was I tricked into confessing to the crime?
I had 2 detectives come to my house a couple of days ago about an investigation consisting of someone purchasing $ 20,000 worth of merchandise from a Costco with my membership. They had video footage and my membership used for the purchases. When the detectives came to my house to interview me I continued to deny their accusations. He convinced my husband to sign a form to let them search our home. Once they searched our home they confiscated a bunch of prepaid cards that I have (which were ALL legal debit cards with bank accounts attached under my name!), my computer, my wallet, my passport and all of my family’s social security numbers, and my video camera. I got to the police station and stayed there for about a day. The detectives took me out of my cell to interview me once again and told me that if I confessed they’d let me go and drop all of the charges. I decided to confess, and I was released later on that day and my release form stated that they did not have probable cause to keep me there and I was never under arrest and it was only a “detention.” That’s when I realized, did they check the evidence and realize that they didn’t actually have probable cause to arrest me? Did they trick me into confessing? I’m starting to think that I never had to say a word. Please help..

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Answer by Brooklyn
I hope u r young and Canadian u will get the Youth Criminal Justice act if not good luck

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