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  1. yuka725 says:

    ????????????????? i love this movie?

  2. kimyk38 says:

    it’s awesome!!!

  3. stormylane says:

    oh my word…. now that made me happy happy happy!!!!!

  4. Dawn Damron says:

    luv it luv it luv it

  5. marcrausch1978 says:

    Wenn ich könnte, würde ich das hiermit SOFORT zum 8. Weltwunder erklären!
    Das ist soooooooooooooo GEIL!!!!!!!! RESPEKT!!! RESPEKT!!! RESPEKT!!!! Mir
    fehlen die Worte!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hewkie says:

    ?????? That was brilliant!

  7. kissthebunnie says:

    I love it when all the lights are white. So utterly cool.

  8. Joan Waymont says:

    Out of all the displays I have watched, I think this is the most
    beautiful.I adore the music and just wish I could see it in real life.

  9. AnnaKarina2 says:

    Thanks Rob!!!

  10. 1SassyblondeTRUCKER says:

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!! Thx so much for sharing ; )

  11. darlene105859 says:

    The neighbors should be ashamed of themselves, maybe they were jealous.
    Either one, this is amazing, and I know I sure wouldn’t complain if it were
    next door to me. Mr. Holdman you are amazing, and if this doesn’t put
    anyone in the Christmas spirit, than they are SCROOGES!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  12. dvljet says:

    I’m guessing the dude who posted this doesn’t realize postings ones phone
    number on the net is a big no no really how moronic are you . I wouldn’t be
    surprised if your number is in every state prison on the walls

  13. SilverShadow13100 says:

    I wish I had a house I could do this on….

  14. showaddywaddylady says:

    im SO glad others love this tune as much as i do i put it on my fb profile
    over christmas and people really liked it, i have loved this tune for
    years, and never fails to make me smile! happy days!

  15. Risty Cordova says:


  16. Laurie Pruser-Stockman says:

    Well done!

  17. Carol Wyatt says:

    Beautiful lights and my most favorite music. Ive watched it over and over.

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