Oct 17, 2013 Rep. Louise Slaughter, of the House Rules Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about whether it’s possible to ensure a debt ceiling standoff neve…

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  1. Ronald Caselman says:

    I thought at the beginning of 2013 we all agreed we had to raise the debt
    ceiling. There were just not enough cuts to make to prevent it without a
    major shock to the economy. As for Obamacare goes lets see it to fruition
    to make any decisions. I am ashamed of the government shutdown and congress
    should be too. 300 years from now we will remember how incompetent this
    congress is. Raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills and make gradual cuts
    over the course of Rand Pauls presidency. God bless?

  2. Jared Traxel says:

    America should vote louise slaughter to the presidency because who doesnt
    want thier first woman president to be named President Slaughter? lol

  3. 9753flyer says:

    Bring back the Gephardt rule!!!! STOP THE HOSTAGE TAKING!!

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