www.RobSimone.com Talk show host and author Rob Simone on the History channel. Rob was named one of the top 100 Ufologists by FATE magazine. He hostes a week…

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  1. martin3267 says:


  2. nyehness says:

    its true..duuhhh

  3. doodzzz says:

    oh shit tha was cool man!!

  4. locosk8er15 says:

    this bermuda triangle thing is damn interestin and more 4 me that i live in
    puerto rico too close,also they say that a part of the triangle starts here

  5. trevortrevor says:

    The Rob Simone talk Show is one of the best consciousness radio programs on
    the air

  6. Lelolai says:

    id love to live investigeting it cause i 2 live in p.r. btw locosk8er15 the
    point in puerto rico starts in san juan

  7. w33dbluntz says:

    when christopher when across the bermuda he said he seen fire balls crash
    into the sea mabye they where hudge chunks of magnetical rock from space or
    w.e and they suck stuff down mabye?

  8. californiabboy says:


  9. versatileproteus says:


  10. Jesusvera123 says:

    me too but you need to got big balls to go there

  11. CaineInBloodBath says:

    me too..!

  12. realybadass says:

    there is UFOs inside there using electromagnetic technology to make us stay
    away from ‘them’.The one that missing are being kidnaped by ‘them’to be
    their workers, agents,scientist or experimental objects.’They’ are watching
    us! When time is come they will show themself.’They’ are no aliens,’they’
    are us.

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