You must have heard of the recent Russian hackers attack. You surely must have! It has been all over the news and the press wouldn’t stop talking about it! It is also a very high possibility that you even were a victim of it…and this is not a joke.

What happened these last few days it is believed to be the single biggest theft of Internet identity information ever! This is a very serious case. Russian criminals haves stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords and about half a million email addresses. These hackers struck on such a massive level and it affected 40 million credit and debit card numbers and 70 million personal records. And this has all been confirmed by a US – based internet security company.

It affected people from all levels and the worst thing is that this gang managed to take everybody by surprise. These Russian thieves did nothing new or unseen, they just struck on a much larger scale and the problem was that no one was prepared for such a hit. And no one was spared!

Now, some of us might think they are safe if they don’t use credit cards, but only cash or if they limit their online activity…but things are not quite that simple. Identity theft is a very serious issue. It is not only related to stolen credit card information, but also to criminal acts, medical care, other banking actions, employment and so much more. Opening credit accounts is just the peak of what someone with criminal intentions could do with your personal information, with your PII, to be more specific.

Another, let’s say miss-belief, is related to credit reports. It is true that with the help of these reports, you can monitor the entire activity of your account, but even so, they cannot prevent theft. Credit reports can show you if there is any suspect activity related to your credit, but unfortunately, they do not imply any prevention or safety measures.

So, what can you do? What is left for you to do to protect yourself, your identity, your life from these unseen attacks? If it happened once on such a large scale, it could surely happen again…

Now, what if I tell you that there is a solution? And a very simple one, actually!

I am talking about a service, a legal service that could take whole responsibility regarding the protection of your identity. I am talking about a high quality service that could monitor and guard your identity against all criminal intentions; a service that could also offer solutions and options in the event you become a victim of identity theft – and all at a very reasonable and affordable cost!

Yes! It is real! And it has already worked for 40 years to create a world where legal protection is available and affordable for everybody. The name of your solution, the name of the company which is capable of offering you the best protection against ID theft is Legal Shield paired with Identity Theft Protection! If you care about your legal protection, regardless the circumstances, you should really take a look over this:  .  You should check it out, even if out of plain curiosity!

Legal Shield is a one of a kind company, which has revolutionized the legal service industry. Briefly, it works by offering you 24/7 legal protection and consultation for only a small monthly fee.

Everybody knows that seeking legal advice and help can be truly expensive. But imagine you could benefit from unlimited legal advice for any legal issue for only a small monthly fee, as opposed to high hourly charges attorneys usually request.

Legal Shield offers you access to high quality law firms, always only one phone call away. The company works with attorneys that are paid in advanced, so their sole focus is on helping you with the best advice and service possible.

Just imagine how releasing it could be to know you always have a dedicated and high-qualified attorney on your side. Legal Shield functions like a legal service for over 1.4 million people from across US and Canada. From trivial to traumatic experiences, the company is always ready make phone calls on its clients behalf, to prepare legal documents and even to represent its clients in court if needed. All this service aims to offer its clients total peace of mind. Even the motto of the company is “Worry less, Live more”. Simple as that!

Now, you might ask what can Legal Shield actually do or what it could have done for you, regarding this recent identity theft crisis. As you will see, Legal Shield really is the answer.

First of all, the company offers Unlimited Identity Theft Consultation as well as standard and comprehensive identity monitoring. This means the company has two high quality Identity Theft Shield plans. Both of them include you, your spouse and up to 8 dependent children under the age of 18. Moreover, Legal Shield has also partnered with Kroll, a company of dedicated Licensed Investigators that can recover your identity from theft and restore it to what it was before the fraud occured.

Not only does Legal Shield with Identity Theft Protection offer information and expertise to protect your identity, but also legal service to resolve any identity theft issues if you happen to become such a victim.

But don’t take these words for granted. You can check for yourself right here how complex and well-designed  Identity Theft Shield service offered by Legal Shield can protect you and your loved ones from any fraud attempts: .

Together with the Comprehensive Identity Restoration from Kroll, Legal Shield truly offers you the best possible legal assistance, especially when it comes to identity fraud related issues!

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